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Light weight, economical Hand Crafted Saddle.


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The Stock Master Plain Skirt smooth out saddle is an economical and robust saddle and one of Jodie's favorites. Hand crafted in oak tanned leather. This saddle is light weight and a teriffic all round saddle. Ideal for the rider who would like that little bit extra support, this saddle has a centered seat so the rider can be positioned in the ideal way for balance and communication. This saddle features Hawkebury River exclusive 'leather lining'.

HRSCo Hawkesbury River Saddle Company's unique leather lining -  the underside story.

In 2004, after many years out of the business, Heath decided to go back to his original trade of saddlery & harness making. Krissy found and gave to him for Christmas a 2nd hand western saddle that he had made over 30 years ago. He looked at it – the leather was still in good condition, but the sheepskin lining was moth eaten and worn away.


He then looked across at an old Stubben Jumping saddle of Krissy’s – it was the same vintage, but in much better condition – it had leather lining and that was the difference. So – why not leather lining on a fender stock saddle? Doesn’t require counter lining, getting the saddle wet is no problem, no smelly sheepskin or kersey wool – and a bigger skirt area to distribute the weight over. So – this is the story – and now we sell most of our
saddles with the low maintenance high quality leather lining. design has been tried and proven over thousands of kilometres moving millions of cattle up and down Chisholm Trail from Texas to Kansas.

Hawkesbury River Saddle Co has faithfully replicated the 1864 Slick Fork, for your comfort and stability as well as a bit of novelty value. Keeping with tradition, our Chisholm Slick Fork is built from oak tanned leather on a rawhide covered tree.


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