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Managing Director
Creater of ‘Sixth Sense Horsemanship’™
 Horse and Human Education


About Jodie 

Jodie's passion for horses never had a beginning it was always there. She was born in the City of Melbourne where apart from the odd trail ride and pony lead the only time spent with horses was in her dreams. She would constantly dream of horses. At the tender age of 6 her mother passed away and her father and 2 sisters made the move to the country town of Echuca. This marked the beginning of her life lessons through the way of the Horse.

The lessons that she learn't with horses where tough. Having no parental guidance she discovered most lessons the hard way but through constant trial and error she learned a lot of what works and what not to do and over the years has refined her techniques and can easily explain through experience why she does it that way.

By the time she was 11 Jodie had started/ broken in her first horse and a year later at only 12 years old was working professionally weekends and school holidays for a local breaker/ pretrainer.   She finished school and  travelled Queensland working on large sheep and cattle properties as a jillaroo, working her way up to overseer and  spending much of that time working stock with horses and her team of dogs.

Following her urge to learn more about horses she left the outback and travel Australia working in the thoroughbred racehorse industry and at 25 years old  learned to ride track work on race horses. This experience challenges everything she had ever learned about horses. Where her experience with horses in the past had been a physical nature she was put into a position where her physical strength had very little effect on these athletes of speed. This started Jodie on a deeper journey into her awareness with horses. She discovered she had to become one with the horse and needed to be a follower before she could become the leader.

Realising this truth Jodie decided to become a student of the Horse.

The horse became her teacher.  

Spending years working with different racehorse trainers and horse breakers in different states she discovered what very little a lot of professional horse people understand about the horse and its soul.

This prompted her to leave the industry and start her own Business “JKS Horse Sense School” in Western Australia where she educated horses and people.

Jodie is now back in her home town of Echuca and in 2007 Established HorseHand Pty Ltd

It has so far been a 30 year journey for Jodie learning about the way of the horse and she is passionate about helping people to discover thier potential and learn the truth about horses. 

“I believe that learning to understand horses helps us to unravel the mysteries of our own existence. As we take the journey to learn to communicate effectively to our equine friends we become more aware of our  influence within the universe.”

- JK


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