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Kids Club HorseHand

Each   Saturday usually between 1pm and 4pm 


Looking for something to entertain the children as well as teach them new skills?

 Come and spend 3 hours with our quiet friendly horses.

What will we do at the HorseHand Ranch?

- We will introduced you to our amazing horses

-  show you how to walk safely around horses and learn how to approach them

-Learning how to influence the horse to move.

- Getting to know your horse while brushing.

- Putting a saddle on the horse.

-  how to put a bridle on.

- Being shown how to correctly and safely lead a horse.

- Having fun and playing games on horse back.

- communicate with horses effectively.

- Taking the saddle off your horse.

-Giving your horse a final brush and appreciate your time together before leaving.

“Learning about horses has never been so much fun.”


For more information or to make a booking please phone 54821837 or email


Email: | PH: (03) 5482 1837