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Equissage Therapy

Equissage Therapy has just arrived at HorseHand and for only $40 your horse can receive a 30min treatment which may help to improve:

-        local blood circulation                                   

-        Venous drainage

-        Lymphatic drainage

-        Swollen joints                               

-        Joint mobility

-        Respiratory conditions

-        Build-up of tension

-        Sore and Cold backs

Equissage is clinically proven to increase stride length in excess of 30%.

Equissage offers many advantages;

-        safe, non-aggressive, non-invasive

-        free from side effects

-        drug free

-        a natural performance enhancing tool


If you want the best for your horse, then please contact HorseHand to book your session. And remember if you can’t come to us, then we will come to you. (conditions apply)

To learn more about Equissage please visit

Email: | PH: (03) 5482 1837